An Open Letter to Newborn Mamas: We See You

Dear Newborn Mama,

Congratulations! You made it through 9 months of your body changing, stretch marks forming, constant peeing, maybe some puking, and tons of discomfort. You made it through labor and delivery either by natural delivery or C section. You did it!! And now…. what? The feeling every newborn mama has. Especially the first timers. Why on earth would they let me take this little tiny human home? They trust ME to know what to do and how to do it? I’ve never done this before! Is he/she even still breathing? Let me tell ya, we, as mamas, have ALL been there. We have felt completely overwhelmed and ridiculously underprepared for the task at hand. You are NOT alone. It may feel like you are. Having a baby has the ability to make you feel completely isolated and lonely. But let me assure you, we are here, both mentally and physically to cheer you on, to come hold your crying child while you shower, to make you dinner, or to simply listen to you when you are having a rough day. As women, we can struggle with feeling like we need to be able to do it all and make ourselves feel completely defeated if we ask for help. PLEASE hear me, you NEED help! We all need help during the newborn phase! There is absolutely no shame in asking for help. We want you to! Even if we don’t know you, if you’re out in public and your child is screaming and you’re about to pee your pants, we’ll hold the baby. If you haven’t slept in days and your house is a wreck but you just need a nap, let us come clean up a little! If you need a coffee date with some solace from the baby, we’ll go have coffee with you and we promise not to judge the stains on your shirt or your unwashed hair. Because as much as you may feel like you have the worst sleeper, the hardest crier, the fussiest teether, I guarantee we have felt the same way. And we GET IT! We don’t think you’re a bad mom when you pick up the paci and put it back in baby’s mouth without washing it because you don’t want to hear them scream. We aren’t upset when you have to nurse uncovered because your baby refuses to eat under a nursing blanket. We aren’t even batting an eye when you tell us baby only sleeps in the swing. Your kid takes a paci? Wow, you’re lucky! You’re having to nurse uncovered in public? Way to feed your baby, mama! That is great they will nurse. Your child only sleeps in the swing? Man, don’t those 4 hours straight of sleep make you feel like a new woman?! YOU are doing great. YOU are rocking mommyhood! YOU are exactly the mama that sweet baby needs. No matter what decisions you make, no matter what products you use, no matter what advice you don’t take (even if it’s ours!), YOU are amazing and so capable of doing this thing! But, when you’re not able, we will be here, waiting by our phones, ready to help you! We promise!

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