Is it that time of the month? 😡 Are your emotions getting the best of you today, and your family receiving the worst?

Emotions. All the feels. Ugh. 🙄Some days it’s really hard being a woman.

Yet, these very emotions were given to us by God. It’s part of His Divine nature imparted to us when He formed us in His likeness. For most of us women, nurturing, comforting, and tenderness is just a part of who we are. But those wonderful, deep emotions can quickly turn to controlling, nagging, and freaking out.😬

Last time I checked, freaking out did not make the list as a fruit of God’s Spirit.

Our emotions are not something to shy away from, but are qualities to be developed by the guidance and leading of the Holy Spirit. Too many times we are swallowed by the displacement of our greatest qualities, and the winner is satan. We let our emotions take the lead, rather than allowing the Spirit of God to be in control. The fall-out leaves devastation and destruction for our family, and even our own hearts.

The strength and power of God are there for our asking. He is more than enough to help us overcome our own weaknesses, and His grace is enough to cover the darkness of our hearts.

When you know your emotions are heightened, humble yourself before your family telling them you realize you may not be in the best frame of mind. Ask for their forgiveness before you lose the battle. Armed with their understanding, and your own, you can face the hardest of days knowing that He is in control, even of your feelings.

Father, sometimes it’s really hard being a woman. Sometimes I don’t even know if you really understand, since you came as a man. But, since you are God and I’m not, I choose to trust you even with that. I admit my emotions tend to lead me some days, and the path is littered with hurt feelings and wounded hearts–even my own. I now place my emotions at your feet. I know I’ll need to do it again tomorrow and the day after, but I want to give you that control. Please keep me alert to the times when my emotions are teetering toward my human nature rather than your Spirit. I choose YOU and your ways.

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