Are our kids safe on social media?

Now I’m not talking about them having their own accounts I’m referring to sharing photos of them on our accounts?

In today’s world the threats against our children are REAL! I’m sure they have always been there in times gone by. But now with social media, just how easy are we making it for creeps to find our children?

I want to empower moms to feel safer sharing their children’s memories on social media. Or maybe just bring awareness to the fact that threats are real. Who knows maybe you’ll decide to quit sharing so much about your children or even sharing at all.

  1. Set your accounts to private. This way you can keep track of who will be able to see your children.
  2. Don’t hashtag photos of your kids. Here’s the thing if your not trying to be some big Social media star there is no reason to hashtag, and put your photos in categories for anyone to search and find. (#mycutekid #bathtime #nakedbaby ) it seems innocent but it could become like a google search for creeps.
  3. Turn off your location. NEVER tag your location in real time. I wouldn’t even do it after the fact. Because here’s the thing you just told some creep looking at your child’s photo where they can find them.
  4. NEVER post pictures of them at their school or in their school uniform. You won’t be there if a creep shows up. Because of the information on social media they will have your name: your car color, your child’s name, shoot even your dogs name. Enough information to convince a small child that they are one of mommy’s friends. If you see where I’m going with this.

I’m guilty of over sharing but recently it’s been so heavy on my heart to watch what I’m putting out there. I was recently watching a TV (reality TV) and they didn’t want their children on camera, and I thought to myself what’s the big deal they aren’t even that famous. But the more I thought about it. The more I realized that didn’t really matter. They were just trying to protect their children from normal threats. They didn’t want people to see who their children were or where they lived or what school they went to. I looked up this lady’s social media accounts and she rarely shared pictures of her child’s face. And I kind of admired that. Now I know I personally used social media to share my children’s lives with family members that lived far away, but the more I think about it. Is it my life to share? What we put on the internet stays there forever. When my children get older would they want their entire baby book available for everyone’s viewing pleasure? Or would they want to read about all their embarrassing childhood stories? I know I wouldn’t want that out there. So now when I post I think not only how to keep them safe but also how to respect their privacy.

I maybe over thinking it all. And a bit paranoid about human trafficking. Or I maybe on to something. What are your thoughts?

Now that’s all protaining to our age group of kids. But what about older kids who have their own accounts how can we protect them. After all who knows who’s in their DM’s.

  1. Education & communication: you can not over teach your kids about cyber safety.
  2. Be aware of the signs. There is a lot of trolls on social media who get their kicks from bullying people from the safety of their own key board. There is a thing called Facebook depression. As parents we need to know what to look for and know who to help our children when they are faced with cyber bullies.
  3. Follow your child’s account & know who is following your child’s account. Ask questions. Your their parent not their friend so stop trying to be cool. And be the annoying parent you were born to be! Ask them who that person is and how they know them. And if they don’t have a legit relationship with them. Make them block or unfollow that person.
  4. Know who is influencing your child. If you kid wants to follow celebrities and super stars. You should follow them too. This was you know what kind of content your child is looking up to: and when to redirect them.
  5. Don’t let them post half naked photos of themselves online, because they may mean nothing by it. Or maybe they just want attention: but I promise you they will get unwanted attention. (Creeps!) kids can’t always get their hands on porn but they can pull up your child’s Instagram and see his or her summer vacation photos. I know that seems a bit graphic but it’s reality. You can share those moments without being scandalous. And it’s our job as parents to teach our children what that looks like.

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