But why Korea?

By and large, the feedback that we’ve gotten throughout this adoption has been AMAZING. I honestly can’t say enough about our family and friends who have prayed with us, partnered with us financially, cried with us, celebrated with us. I truly get weepy when I think of how much we’ve been supported through this process. If you are one of those tremendous individuals, THANK YOU!!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Right now I want to take time though to answer a question that we’ve been presented with a lot. And it typically comes in two parts:

1) Why did you choose Korea?

Very quickly followed up by

2) There’s so many kids in need of homes in the US. Why not a domestic adoption instead?

Let me say this first: that is a completely valid and true statement. There are SO MANY KIDS in need of adoption here. However, there are also SO MANY KIDS in need of adoption internationally as well. Does Maverick deserve to be adopted any less just because he was born in a different country than me? Personally, I don’t think so. The real reason behind our choice to adopt from Korea though is this: Obedience! I have felt a nudging from the Lord from a very young age to pursue an international adoption. That actually was a “deal breaker” for me when dating. I needed a spouse who not only was ok with that, but also felt a call to it. John knew in his heart also that God had wanted that for him too. Maverick has always been part of the plan!

When we first set out to adopt, I actually had my heart set on Africa. I had always thought that’s where I would adopt from and began pursuing it almost immediately. Let me tell you something, Africa is a TOUGH place to adopt from right now. Almost no countries have open programs and the ones that do only want to adopt out kids who are 10 or older or have tons of health issues. Not that we don’t think those kids need families, but we have our own kids to consider. We needed to be sensitive to what we (they) could handle! So very quickly I realized I needed God’s guidance on this thing.

Ok Lord, You brought us this far, I need You to tell me where to go. Out of the 6 countries we were pre-approved for, it was like all signs just blatantly pointed to Korea! Let me tell you why that’s crazy. Never did I have a feeling or pulling towards Asia. Like ever. Was not even on my radar! Also, Korea almost exclusively adopts out boys and I thought I wanted a girl. I love when God knows us better than we know ourselves. And lastly, it was the most expensive country on our list!!! Like hello! Way to throw us the biggest curveball ever God! This thing had to be bathed in prayer from the beginning. But time after time after time, we’ve gotten confirmation that this is what we were called to do. My dreams of a little African girl quickly drifted away as soon as I laid eyes on our son. Oh y’all, he is just the most perfect little guy. Everything about him makes me gush with pride and love. He is MINE and there was no denying that. People have even commented many times that somehow he looks like a Wheeler! Lol. And he really does somehow! God is so cool like that.

That’s honestly it. Obedience and walking out what we feel God has lead us to has brought us to this point. I do want to say though, I think every adoption is miraculous and unbelievably amazing! If you feel called to a domestic adoption, that’s incredible! If you feel lead to foster or foster to adopt, wow! What an amazing calling! If you feel lead to adopt an older child or a child with special needs, you are an incredible human and I’m so thrilled for you! Adoption is ALWAYS A MIRACLE. No matter where the child comes from, no matter what the circumstances or situation. It is truly incredible and I urge you if you do feel called to it, pursue it. I’m always here to answer questions or point you in the direction of someone more knowledgeable to answer questions, because I believe every kiddo deserves a forever home and anything I can do to help that happen, I want to do! ❤️💙🇰🇷

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