Everybody Stay Calm (But Really I’m Freaking Out!)

So it’s been a hot minute since I’ve updated y’all on where we’re at in our adoption process. This is for a couple reasons. Most people who aren’t involved in international adoption don’t truly get how exciting each little piece of the process is…and really not much had been happening! Butttttt….

We are officially submitted to the Korean court system! We found out last week that we were court submitted on July 4th. For those that don’t quite understand what that means, basically we’ve been waiting for our agency to submit our case to the court system. There was some delay involved in that because of some issues that were out of our control, but now that those are resolved, the ball seems to be moving again! At this point, we are waiting for our judge to set our court date. They will do this once birth parent notification has been sent out letting birth momma know that he is being adopted. Once a court date has been set, we will know for sure when we will be traveling to meet our son! Unfortunately we won’t bring him home on that trip, but it’s really all going to be pretty soon now!

Right now we’re just trying to keep ourselves distracted with enjoying the last bit of summer we have with our other kiddos before they head back to school in a few weeks. And preparing our hearts and minds for Maverick being home very soon. I’ve been so grateful lately for an immense amount of peace that has been given to me. I feel like God is just saying “hey, we’re almost there. You got this!” We’ve definitely been through the ringer with this whole process, but we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel now!

Starting to put together gifts we want to take our boy in person! How crazy is that??

Please be in prayer with us for a court date that is super soon, for birth momma’s heart to be at peace as she will certainly have some old feelings resurface upon learning about his adoption, and that we will remain peaceful and patient as we near the end!

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