But, WHY?

I would like to dedicate this blog to a woman who has inspired me more than she will ever comprehend, the amazing Mellony Martin (miss you Mels! Disclaimer: she didn’t die, she moved to Texas. lol). I want to thank her for always seeing the beauty in my messes, for constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone, and praying me into my purpose. For leading me by example and for teaching me that one of life’s greatest lessons is that the best thing you can be is yourself. I also want to thank my family (especially my amazing husband!) for baring with me through this process, for listening to me babble on about topics he doesn’t really care about, and for inspiring all these blog posts that y’all get to read. But really, I couldn’t do this without you honey and I appreciate you so much for standing beside me and always encouraging me to pursue my dreams.img_9212-1I was inspired by this verse because, in my heart, I know that God is the one who has entrusted these precious babies to me. They are His, and I am just allowed to borrow them for a while. I want to do my very best to raise them up in a way that’s pleasing to Him and that brings Him glory. I want to be joyful in the keeping of my flock, and always encourage them to pursue Christ in everything they do.Also this verse speaks to me about YOU! My readers. God laid it on my heart to take to the World Wide Web and share the truth He has spoken to me with you! That is a task I don’t take lightly. A special thanks, to you guys for taking the time to read the words I write. My prayer is that this some how helps you in your lives. Also, I would love to hear from you guys! Anytime you want to reach out and contact me feel free to do so! Thanks again for your support. I really do cherish you all.