A Little Bit About Little Old Me


Hey Readers! My name is Sara Elizabeth, but like any good southern girl, I go by two names Sarabeth. I don’t know why we love our double names in the south, but we are who we are. I grew up kind of all over the place as an Army Brat, then turned into an Army Wife, and now we’ve left that life behind to settle down in the great state of Georgia. I spent most of my childhood in Georgia so this has just always felt like home to us. My amazing and always supportive hubby’s name is John. He is my rock, my pillar, I seriously don’t know what I would do without him. Together, we made what I believe to be 2 of the most perfect tiny humans on the planet, Karsen Brett and Sadie Robin.

They are my pride and joy and it thrills me to be their mommy. John and I both planned to be done after having 2 babies. We had our boy and our girl, we were content. Isn’t it funny though how God comes in and takes our plans and blows them up and just makes them SO. MUCH. BETTER?? So, here we are in the middle of an adoption for our little boy from Korea! We’ve been in process now for about a year and a half and should bring our little guy home very soon. *cue the freak out moment when I realize I’m going to be responsible for THREE kiddos soon!*

Aside from surviving motherhood, I love to workout. I am currently obsessed with CrossFit and pretty much go everyday. Fitness is very, very important to me, as I used to weight 100 pounds more than I do now. I want to continue to be a healthy mommy and wife to my family and so eating right and hitting the gym on the reg are my ways to do that. I absolutely think I am a better mom when I take care of myself first. I also really love to bake, do anything crafty or DIY, or go on adventures. White water, skydiving, rock climbing…you name it, I’m there! Anywho…I hope this gives you a better look at the woman behind the blog. I’m so grateful that you are taking the time to read what’s on my mind and my heart today and would always appreciate any feedback my readers have!! Thanks!!