New Year, New Thoughts, and New Direction.

Holy Cow! What a whirlwind of a holiday season it has been. I apologize for not writing more over the last month, but honestly I was just trying to enjoy holiday break with my kiddos and relax a little. I’m back though! And yes I did say “I” and not “we”, which brings me to my first point of writing this post.

When we started this venture of RbG, it was a joint venture, shared by myself (Sarabeth) and Carolyn. Our goal was to inspire moms with our day to day victories and not so victorious moments and provide a little realness that mommies could relate to. While that is still a huge goal of mine, the direction of the blog is shifting ever so slightly, and with it, Carolyn has felt a grace to move on and not be an actively involved participant. We didn’t have a falling out or anything like that. She just realized with taking on a pretty time consuming job and preparing for the birth of the 3rd baby (yay!!) that she couldn’t be as involved as she would like to be and so she felt it best to lay this down. She’ll still write for me as a guest on occasion and she’s still an amazing friend that I cherish so so much!

Now! For the new(ish) direction part of this. Because this is a blog mostly inspired by my own life now, there will be a little shift and I will be focusing more on 1) our ongoing adoption process for our little guy and all that that entails. And 2) my fitness journey as I’m really taking this year to get back to a place of wholeness and goodness for my body. I will still focus on these things from a very real and mommy-based perspective, but I just wanted to be real and up front about where I see this going! The nice part about this is it does allow me to post adoption updates to one forum instead of having to post in several different places individually.

My prayer going forward is to inspire mommas to live healthy (in whatever way that means to them) and that possibly someone may get encouragement or inspiration from our adoption story. I hope that all of you who have supported us thus far will continue to support me in the future with this and that this new direction and our decisions will be supported and accepted by all who read this blog.

2019… New Year! Let’s do this thing!!!

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