Another big check on the never ending list!

Soooo big adoption news in the Wheeler home happened this week! We are so excited to announce that we are officially Emigration Permit approved!

Now I’m sure some of you (most of you) are going YAYYYY….what does that mean? Lol. So the cheat sheet version for those asking is basically we now have the legal document that says Maverick can leave his home country with the intent to settle in America. Which is obviously great because that’s exactly where we want him!!! In America with Mommy, Daddy, Bubba, and Sissy! But I’m sure you’re also asking yourself that ever present adoption related question “Now what??”. Let me show you a timeline that will help a lot in trying to explain.

So basically from the time you apply to be in the Holt Korea program to the time you bring your child home is put into a very basic timeline. This timeline only highlights the major obstacles you go through in your adoption process. As you can see, we are very near to the end! And thankfully, based on others past experiences, we also are at the part that is usually a little quicker as well. This timeline represents 2 whole years of our lives. By the time we are done, it’ll represent about 26 months (give or take). The important thing to note is that because we already completed our homestudy update, we only have 2 tick marks left between us and 2nd travel- aka the trip where we bring Mavvy home!!! We are over the moon excited to feel like we’re finally nearing the end of this process and the beginning of our new life as a family of 5!!!

Please be in prayer with us that the court submission would happen quickly and that we get assigned an early court date!!! We want this precious boy home ASAP!!!

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